Beirut Lounge Lebanese food Beirut Lounge Lebanese food Beirut Lounge Lebanese food Beirut Lounge Lebanese food
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Welcome to Beirut Lounge in Bournemouth

interior of Beirut Lounge Lebanese restaurant, bournemouth

Lebanese family business, chef since 1992!

Sample the delights of Lebanon…

The Lebanese have always expressed their identity through the intertwining of religion, food, music and dance.

Lebanese culture and traditions are honoured at haflis (parties), mahrajans (feasts), and by musicians playing the traditional five-stringed instrument, the Oud. Religious events — whether big Islamic feasts, like Eid Al Adha or Christian festivals such as Easter Sunday or the feast day of Saint Maron — each have their own special food to celebrate the day.

Beirut Lounge provides exquisite food and a touch of Lebanese charm for intimate dinner parties or a birthday celebration.

Whatever the occasion we guarantee an unforgettable meal.

table of meze at Beirut Lounge Lebanese restaurant, bournemouth

Native dishes with an international twist

Our cuisine is influenced by the flavours and aromas of dishes from around the world, so you can choose from a mouth-watering array of international and fusion dishes and canapés.

The food is traditionally Lebanese with over 36 mezze dishes and 18 main courses, and all our meat is Halal. Half of the menu is vegetarian - and so the cuisine is perfect for all tastes. In general, the food is not spicy and the tastes range from the simple to the unexpected.

We make each dish to order so you get the freshest taste you can when dining in the restaurant, which also means that when we are serving lots of mezze (the best way to experience the food) dishes do not arrive at the same time.

However, this is usual of Mediteranean dining – you only have to look at Spanish Tapas - and you can't help but relax with a few friends, some wonderful food and some of the best boutique wines available today.

sausage at Beirut Lounge Lebanese restaurant, bournemouth

Private Hire

Elegant yet unexpected, Beirut Lounge is the exceptional choice for parties, receptions, corporate events, and more! Its attractive dining room can be transformed to suit any occasion or budget, while the warmth, expertise and professionalism of its staff will create a lasting impression.

Here at Beirut Lounge we will work with each client so that every event is crafted to exceed expectations. Chef”s menu of Lebanese classics and delicacies can be tailor –made for celebrations, with selections available to accommodate a myriad of dietary preferences.

Please call us on (01202) 311388 to make a reservation, or fill in your details and we”ll give you a call to finalise your reservation and answer any questions you may have.

We are open daily from 12 noon till late, please feel free to come in and make a booking and ask us any questions you may have.